How to Start an Essay - 10 Ways to Write a Good Introduction

how to start an essay

A captivating introduction can be a guarantee that the reader would read the whole essay. A good introduction is the first thing to grab your reader’s attention and interest.

But sometimes writing a good and appealing introduction becomes the most difficult part of essay writing. You do have an essay outline, structured ideas, and organized information but you are still not sure about your essay’s title.

If you are facing such a situation don’t worry, this blog is here to answer all your questions. Read on to know about the tips and ways that could make it easier for you.

An appealing introductory paragraph is the requirement of an essay. There are multiple ways to write an introduction. Depending on the type of essay and essay topic, your introduction can be simple, to the point, concise, or can be interesting, appealing, and captivating.

Most of the time readers prefer to read the latter type of introductions. Using a hook statement can be the best way to write an engaging introduction for your essay or any other piece of writing.

Hook statements are the sentences or phrases that can grab the reader’s attention. It can be interesting information, a shocking fact, a relevant anecdote, or an impressive quotation. You can also check out other hook examples to understand how to use them in your essay.

While starting your essay, avoid using lengthy and complex sentences. Make your introduction as clear as possible. The beginning of your essay should be appealing enough to convince the reader to read the rest of your essay.

Don’t use broad claims or plain statements as a hook. It would only distract the reader from your essay and will make them stuck in the claim.

Similarly, avoid using dictionary definitions and information that is of routine nature. If you happen to quote common information try to elaborate it in a captivating way.

Ways to Start an Essay - Write an Interesting Introduction

Following are the 10 winning ways to write an appealing and captivating start of your essay.

  • Use a Shocking Statement
  • One of the captivating ways to start your essay is to begin it with a surprising, shocking, or amusing fact about the topic you are writing on.

    This technique would help you grab your reader's attention and make them look for further explanation, context, and elaboration of the fact.

    While using this technique make sure the statement is conveying the point of your essay.

  • Pose a Question
  • Starting your essay with a question can also be a good idea.

    Beginning your essay with a question will engage your readers and will invite them to be a part of the discussion instead of just being passive readers.

  • Sensationalize the Situation
  • Narrating and dramatizing the situation related to your topic can be an appealing way to start your essay. This would invoke your readers’ curiosity and will keep them reading the essay till the end.

    This technique can be best used in creative essays like personal statements and narrative essays.

    Other than creative essays, this technique can be used in other kinds of essays e.g. persuasive essays where you are using emotional appeal to pursue your narrative.

    This technique can also be helpful in writing an expository essay.

  • Start with a Quotation
  • “How to start an essay with a quote?”

    Starting an essay with a quotation is one of the most common and engaging ways. It is one of the most recommended techniques for writing an effective introduction.

    If you are stuck with your essay introduction, a quotation can be a life savior.

    It could be an easy and impressive way to begin your essay if you are stuck and could not find anything interesting for your essay.

    You can also use this technique while writing an argumentative essay and support your perspective through a substantial quotation.

  • State your Thesis as a Recent Discovery
  • State your thesis statement in a way that represents it as a recent discovery. Following is an example where the author is presenting the thesis statement as a discovery:

    "I've finally figured out the difference between neat people and sloppy people. The distinction is, as always, moral. Neat people are lazier and meaner than sloppy people."

    (Suzanne Britt Jordan, "Neat People vs. Sloppy People." Show and Tell. Morning Owl Press, 1983)

    For your help, you can also check other thesis statement examples to learn more.

  • Start with the Setting of your Essay
  • Starting your essay with a brief description of the setting of your essay and background information can also be a good idea. This technique can be very beneficial in writing narrative essays.

    You can describe the situation and surroundings that you will discuss in the essay ahead.

    For example, you can briefly talk about the characters of the story and the settings in which the incident happened.

  • Narrate a Relevant Interesting Incident
  • You can also narrate an interesting or important incident that is relevant to your topic. This will help to engage your readers and make them read further.

    For example, if you are writing an essay on any social issue you can narrate some recent incident related to the topic.

  • Begin with a Joke, Riddle, or a Funny Quote
  • Opening your essay with a joke, riddle, or a funny quote can be the best idea. But while going for this option, make sure that the joke or riddle is relevant and has been presented in a formal way with a professional tone.

  • Compare the Reality and Myth
  • Starting your essay with a comparison of reality and perception will instantly set the tone of your essay.

    Look for the common misconceptions about your topic and compare them with the ground realities.

    This comparison would make your reader investigate more about the misconception and try to dig deep into the realities.

  • Begin with your Personal Observation
  • Quoting your observation to start an essay can be a captivating beginning. You can state your professional or personal observation to make your writing more personal and relatable.

    You can also introduce your topic through your observation.

    All of these ways are quite interesting and they can help you begin your essay’s introduction easily. Besides, you can also find a number of ways to begin your essay and engage your readers from the very beginning.

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How to Start an Essay Examples

Following are some essay examples with good startings.

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We hope the above blog has helped you understand how you can start your essay in interesting and captivating ways.

An inspiring essay topic is one of the first things that capture your readers’ interest. Therefore, make sure you choose wisely and pick an interesting topic.

But if you still have some queries regarding an essay introduction or looking for a reliable essay writing service for your essay or research paper, call us to discuss your paper requirements.