Informative Speech - Definition, Types, Topics, & Examples

informative speech

A speech is a great way to share information with an audience. It can be informative, persuasive, or entertaining. In order to deliver an effective speech, you need to know your topic inside and out.

You also need to practice so that you feel confident when doing informative speaking in front of an audience.

So, are you looking for a way to write an amazing informative speech?

This guide provides guidance on writing a great informative speech, as well as helpful examples and topic ideas.

So, let’s get this started.

What is an Informative Speech?

An informative speech is one that provides information and is intended to educate the audience. It helps the audience learn, understand, and remember the information that you are presenting.

According to the informative speech definition:

“It is a type of speech that is intended to educate the audience about a particular subject. It presents information to explain a subject, an idea, or a concept through visual aids”

The main purpose of an informative speech is to provide information regarding a specific topic that the audience knows nothing about.

These speeches require facts and figures that support the idea of the speech. These facts and figures are collected from reliable sources to enhance the credibility of the topic.

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Types of Informative Speech

There are many ways to inform the audience about a particular topic. The informative speech is one of those several ways. This speech can be about an object, an event, a concept, or a process.

There are four different types of informative speeches:

  • Descriptive speech: Creates a vivid picture in the audience’s mind regarding a person, place, event, or any other thing.

  • Exploratory speech: It focuses on explaining the “how ” and ”why” aspects of the topic.

  • Definition speech: It explains what a concept or a word actually means.

  • Demonstrative speech: It is a kind of step-by-step guide that describes how to perform something.

Informative speeches are not like persuasive speeches, where the sole purpose is to persuade the audience. These speeches are intended to educate and inform the audience members about the speech topic.

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How to Write an Informative Speech?

Half of the battle of presenting a good informative speech is writing it properly. If you haven’t written an effective speech you can’t make an influence while presenting it.

A successful speech keeps the audience engaged and interested in the information being presented.

Here is the procedure of how you can write a good informative speech:

  1. 1. Choose a Topic

    Choose an interesting informative speech topic that can turn into a good speech. An informative topic is one that educates the audience about a specific subject.

  2. 2. Create an Informative Speech Outline

    Create an informative speech outline to organize the content of your speech. A typical essay outline consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  3. 3. Write the Introduction

    Write a compelling introduction that grabs the audience’s attention. In the introduction tell your audience what you’re going to talk about and what information you are going to provide.

    Below are the tips to write the introduction:

    • Start the introduction with an attention-getter hook statement that compels your audience to listen to you.

    • Express the specific purpose of your speech precisely. Make sure it contains only one idea and tell the audience about your intent.

    • Write the thesis statement that expresses the most important idea and guides the development of the speech.

  4. 4. Craft a Strong Body

    In the body section, provide facts and figures to enhance the credibility of the subject of your speech. It is the section where you develop the main ideas of your speech.

    Here is the organizational pattern of the body of your speech:

    • Define the ideas related to the topic of the speech that you want to stress

    • Organize all the main points in a consistent manner so that the audience can follow them easily.

    • Provide examples from real life that support your claim.

    • Smoothly transitioned to the conclusion section

    Consider the time limit of the speech and add the ideas in your speech accordingly.

    If you are going to present a short speech that will last only 3-5 minutes, restrict your speech to only one idea. On the other hand, if the time limit is more than 5 minutes, add at least 3 main ideas into your speech.

  5. 5. Prepare the Conclusion

    The conclusion of an informative speech is the most crucial section as it provides the crux of the speech. It is where you provide the final thoughts that make the speech more memorable.

    The following are the tips to prepare the conclusion:

    • Restate the thesis statement to remind the audience about the main idea of your speech
    • Add anecdote or quotation, etc to make your speech more memorable
    • Put emphasis on the key ideas of your speech.
    • Intensify the feelings and emotions of the audience.
  6. 6. Proofread and Edit

    After you are done with the writing procedure, the final step is editing and proofreading. Read your speech aloud to check the flow of the content.

    Make sure you have used good vocabulary and precise sentences. Correct any grammatical and error mistakes in the speech.

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Informative Speech Examples

Now that you know the process of speech writing, check out these informative speech examples. These sample speeches give you a better understanding of how to organize your content properly.

Informative Speech Outline Example (PDF)

Informative Speech Outline Example

Informative Speech about Friendship (PDF)

Informative Speech about Friendship

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Informative Speech Topics Ideas for 2022

Choosing good informative speech topics is very crucial. A great informative or demonstration speech idea keeps the audience interested and entertained throughout the speech.

Below are some amazing informative speech ideas that you can choose for your speech:

  • The lives of the honey bees
  • How are flying cars going to work?
  • Introverts make good leaders as compared to extroverts
  • Influence of social networking sites on people’s lives
  • Global warming is going to ruin all the tourist spots
  • Violence and sexual assault on college campuses
  • The importance of both parents for a family
  • High school and college students should be allowed to eat during lectures
  • Private prisons in the United States
  • The secret behind cheap essay writing service.

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