Personal Statement Format For All Graduate Disciplines

personal statement format

The personal statement is a great way to show off more than just grades and test scores. It can serve as an opportunity for you, the applicant's voice in your own words which resonates with recruiters on why they should take notice of you!

The applicant can use this opportunity to find out what makes them unique and better than the other applicants. They need to provide relevant information in this statement, plus it needs to be formatted properly. Plan what to discuss in your essay and how you'll present yourself better than the other candidates.

Now if you are looking for a personal statement format to get started, you have landed at the right place. This blog will provide detailed information regarding the personal statement format.

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What is a Personal Statement Format?

A personal statement is often one of the most important parts of getting into a college or university. This is your chance to show the college admissions committee who you are and why you deserve to be accepted.

It can be difficult to find inspiration for what you want in your own life, but following a proper format will help ensure that all information is organized correctly and ready to read!

In this essay, you are asked to share your reasons for wanting to attend college. You should talk about your goals and how this degree will help you achieve them. It is important to be honest and straightforward in this essay. So that the admissions committee can understand why you are interested in their college.

While writing a personal statement first thing that you should take care of is the format. Also, your committee members pay more attention to the format.

Personal Statement Formatting Guidelines

Following elements must be taken care of when formatting a personal statement:

Font Type You can use Arial, Times New Roman, and Cambria
Font Size 12 pt. size is recommended
Word Limit Word count should be 450-500
Paragraphs Make short paragraphs. You should have 5-8 paragraphs in a personal statement
Page Numbers Writing page number is mandatory
Contact Information Name and contact information must be provided on the top of the statement
Paragraph Spacing Use single-spacing
Page Margin 1” margin should be left on all sides

Formatting of a Personal Statement Heading

“How do you format a personal statement heading?”

The content of your document is important but what is more important than the content? Your heading! Yes, at first glance the committee member skims through the heading.

Make sure they are interesting and formatted properly with the guidelines stated above. Your personal statement should include your name and the school/department for which you are submitting it.

Formatting is very important to stand out among the other statements. You have to make sure that the headings are reader-friendly. The admission committee is going through thousands of documents so make sure yours stand alone from the pack.

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How to Format Personal Statement?

Your college application form is more than just listing what you know. It's also a chance to show off your skills and creativity. Your personal statement should be creative, but stay focused on the important points. They will tell who you are as a person, separate from your academic achievements or extracurricular activities.

You need to format your statement correctly. Only then it will be accepted by law, medical, business, or any other institution. A personal statement is important when you apply to college, so make sure to include strong content that will appeal to the admission board.

Following are the must-have sections of a personal statement:

  1. 1. Introduction

    To get someone's attention, you need to start with something interesting. You can be creative to make them want to continue reading.

    The introduction of a personal statement while applying for college contains the following information:

    • Why you have applied to this school?
    • What is the reason to pursue this specific degree/course?
    • What parts of your selected degree align with that of your interests/passions. .

    When you are applying for a new job your statement should include the following statements:

    • Reason you are applying for this job?
    • What makes you the best fit for the specific position/job?
    • What are your best skills sets/specialty?

    Answer the above questions in an interesting manner and make sure you hook the committee members from the start of your introduction paragraph.

  2. 2. Body Paragraphs

    You need to focus on elaborating your skills, experiences, and academic degrees in the body paragraphs of your statement. Write attention-grabbing body paragraphs that will make the reader want to learn more about you.

    • Debate your experience and achievements.
    • What skills have you learned from your academic life mention them?
    • How eager are you to learn new skills?
    • How is the selected course beneficial for your future goals?
    • Describe your short-term & long-term goals.

    Add answers to these questions in your personal statement body section and make it worthy.

  3. 3. Conclusion

    It is the final section of your personal statement so make sure it is persuasive. It must be compelling enough that the committee members should finally select you. Remember your committee member will accept or deny you on the basis of your conclusion.

    Include the following points in your conclusion to make it more persuasive:

    • Provide a brief summary of all the previously mentioned points.
    • Relate the conclusion with the introduction.
    • Discuss your expectation for opting for the course and what are your future plans.

Add these answers and see your conclusion will turn out to be a persuasive and compelling one.

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Personal Statement Format Examples

The perfect personal statement is one that accurately represents you and your unique qualities. To help you create your own statement, we’ve included some examples of how other people have successfully done so.

Personal Statement Format for College

When writing a college statement, you want to show the admission officers who you are and why your talents deserve a place at their school. This is your opportunity to shine, so make sure to put your best foot forward.

You should discuss your high school major accomplishments in your college personal statement. This is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities. You can format and customize your statement to make the most impact!

Personal Statement Format for College (PDF)

Personal Statement Format for College

Personal Statement Format Graduate School

The personal statement is a chance for you to share more about yourself. You should not just talk about what you have done, but also share your plans and goals for the future. This will help people understand who you are and what you want to do.

If you want to create a personal statement for your graduate school application, it's a good idea to follow this template. This will make sure that you include all the important information in the right places.

Personal Statement Format Graduate School (PDF)

Personal Statement Format Graduate School

Personal Statement Format for Masters

Be creative with your master’s personal statement. It’s your chance to talk about why are you special and why committee members should select you.

As a master's student, you must have a reason why are you selecting this degree. Make sure to represent a strong reason. The following template will help you write a perfect personal statement.

Personal Statement Format for Masters (PDF)

Personal Statement Format for Masters

Personal Statement Format for University

When you apply to university, you will need to write this statement. This is your chance to show the world why you are a great candidate for university.

Make sure your statement is interesting and exciting, not dull or boring! You can use these examples as a guide to help you write your own personal statement.

Personal Statement Format for University (PDF)

Personal Statement Format for University

MBA Personal Statement Format

If you want to take your career to the next level, this is a great opportunity. You can use this easy personal statement template to help you write one that shows off your skills and how you can contribute to the MBA program.

MBA Personal Statement Format (PDF)

MBA Personal Statement Format

Personal Statement Format for Scholarship

Scholarships can be a great way to help pay your tuition and still maintain independence. There are scholarships available for every academic field, some of which require that you submit an essay with the application form too!

Here is a free scholarship personal statement format.

Personal Statement Format for Scholarship (PDF)

Personal Statement Format for Scholarship

Personal Statement Format Law School

When you apply to law school, it's important to show your strong skills. Make sure you demonstrate the skills that will help you become a better lawyer.

You can use the following template while crafting a personal statement for law school.

Personal Statement Format Law School (PDF)

Personal Statement Format Law School

Nursing School Personal Statement Format

A nursing personal statement can be a great way to show your personality and goals. This is an example of how to make your statement interesting to achieve your career goals.

Use the following template for your ease if you want to craft a nursing school personal statement.

Nursing School Personal Statement Format (PDF)

Nursing School Personal Statement Format

Personal Statement Format Medical School

Medical school statements are a chance to show the committee why you want to be a doctor.

An example of how you could do this is by showing them your creativity and how interesting you are.

Personal Statement Format Medical School (PDF)

Personal Statement Format Medical School

Personal Statement Format for Job

Your job application statement should be an opportunity to show what makes you special. Make it clear that this is not just any statement, but rather one designed specifically for self-expression and highlighting all of the qualities which make up who you are as an individual person.

Here is a template for you to understand the format in detail.

Personal Statement Format for Job (PDF)

Personal Statement Format for Job

A personal statement is often one of the most important parts of an application. So it's very important to make sure you write a good one. When starting out, make sure you review the information and examples that were given above. Then follow the formatting guidelines provided for this type of document.

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How to begin a personal statement?

A strong personal statement gets to the point quickly. It should start with a sentence that captures why you are interested in the area of study you are applying for and shows your enthusiasm for it.

Do you put your name on your personal statement?

Yes, you have to put your name and the name of your department on the cover of your personal statement.

Do a personal statement needs a title?

No, there is no need for a title in a personal statement.