150 Interesting Research Paper Topics for Students

research paper topics

It's that time of year again – time to start thinking about your research paper topics!

There are so many different directions you can go, but it can be tough to narrow it down to just one. If you're feeling stuck, don't worry – we've got you covered.

In this blog post, we'll share some ideas for research paper topics that are sure to spark your interest. Also, find below some topic selection tips to ease your selection. So, whether you are looking for something specific or just want some inspiration for your research proposal, read on!

Easy Research Paper Topics 2022

Here are some easy simple topics for a research paper that you can use to write in 2022.

  • No government support and unfair treatment of parents who pay twice for education
  • Separation of church and state vs. religious involvement in public life
  • Placement by age or by academic ability?
  • How is it decided whether a student with disabilities attends a mainstream school or a special school?
  • Why are national standardized tests given instead of tests that are specific to each locality?
  • How has the music industry changed because of the internet and digital downloading?
  • Psychological disorders such as cutting and self-harm, eating disorders, Autism, Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, ADD, and Asperger Syndrome
  • We blame fast-food restaurants for obesity when it is not always their fault. It is difficult to know where the responsibility should lie: on the individual or on the company?
  • Yes! Companies should allow employees to exercise during work time. Comment.
  • Causes of eating disorders are often related to society's portrayal of women.

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Good Research Paper Topics for Students

Students are often looking for good topics for research papers to write on. Here are some topic lists according to the academic levels that might help.

High School Research paper topics

Research topics for high school students are as follows:

  • At high schools, there are ways to prevent bullying.
  • It is important to plan for high school tuition ahead of time.
  • How do we handle diseases like AIDS?
  • The future of science: what we expect and what we really get?
  • What political issues in the Middle East should we discuss?
  • Bill Clinton is known for his charisma and his ability to connect with people.
  • The terrorist revolution in the modern world has caused a lot of harm and suffering.
  • Developing relationships on the internet can be dangerous because you can't trust everyone you meet online.
  • Natural disasters have had a devastating impact on developing countries.
  • Barack Obama's life before and after the presidency

12th Grade English Research Paper Topics

  • Compare Shakespeare to Charles Dickens.
  • Do you think that Dickens failed after he started writing serious and romantic novels?
  • Examine controversies about Shakespeare's work.
  • Literature as an instrument of propaganda in the 20th century
  • The American Dream in the literature of the 20th century
  • How has secularism influenced religious and literary works?
  • What is the significance of Hemingway's works?
  • Why did the Harry Potter series become so popular?
  • How are artificial languages used in literature?
  • What is the role of mythology in English literature?

Interesting Research Paper Topics for College Students

Some college research paper topics are as follows:

  • The IELTS and TOEFL exams are very similar, but there are some differences too.
  • Colleges in the United States have different admission policies and criteria.
  • How to plan for paying college tuition can be difficult to figure out.
  • ACT and SAT exams are both important, but they measure different skills.
  • Distance learning can have many benefits, including flexibility and convenience
  • The impacts of China's one-child policy.
  • Whether or not students learn better in same-sex classrooms.
  • What effects the No Child Left Behind Act has had on students' education.
  • How the relationship between the United States and North Korea has changed over time.
  • Whether people should be allowed to donate organs in exchange for money

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Best Research Paper Topics for Various Fields

If you’re looking for topics for a research field that suits your specific field of study then this is it. Check out the lists of these good topics for research papers for multiple fields of study.

Research Paper Topics for English Linguistics

  • Why do many English and French words sound similar?
  • What makes people speak different languages?
  • How does the mother tongue interfere with pronunciation?
  • What makes translation possible?
  • How is sign language different from spoken language?
  • Factors that contribute to language shift and death
  • Nobody can claim to know a certain language in its entirety
  • Why written communication is more precise than spoken communication
  • Problems of ambiguity during language translation
  • Does society influence language, or vice versa?

Research Paper Topics in Computer Science

  • Why open-source software is important.
  • What Blockchain is and why you should care about it.
  • What SEO basics are and why they're important to know about as a beginner in the field of marketing.
  • Whether Macs are safer than Windows computers from a security standpoint
  • Whether artificial intelligence is good for society or not good for society
  • Connections between neurons and machine learning.
  • The importance of big data analysis for understanding complex systems.
  • How computer assistance can be used to support business processes and services.
  • The structure and management of database systems.
  • The security risks associated with managing private information in a digital environment

Research Paper Topics Related to Zoology

  • Parasites and diseases can be harmful to people, animals, and plants.
  • Killer bees migrate to different areas based on climate and food availability.
  • Species in Moby Dick are treated in different ways, sometimes cruelly.
  • Biodiversity is important for the survival of many species, including plankton.
  • Camels have played a significant role in the development of Africa and the Middle East
  • Ants have different behaviors depending on the situation.
  • There are two ways to classify species, using classical or contemporary methods.
  • Animal communication can include anything from body language to sound and smell.
  • The evolution of vision in animal species has been a topic of interest to scientists for many years.
  • Some scientists have wondered what the animal world would look like if humans never existed.

Research Paper Topics in Semantics

  • Meaning is important when analyzing and interpreting language.
  • Meaning can be related to other meanings of words.
  • Sentences are related to one another in various ways.
  • Ambiguity can happen in language because of unclear context or sloppy writing.
  • Speakers learn meaning through lots of things, like what they see and hear, and how people talk to them.
  • A critical analysis is an evaluation that is honest about the positive and negative aspects of something
  • How do the latest technologies impact the translation industry?
  • Does translator training and pedagogy produce efficient translators?
  • Do translations cause misunderstandings between different languages?
  • What is the effectiveness of audiovisual translation?

Controversial Research Paper Topics for Literary Criticism

  • Authors in the 20th-century wrote visionary closure novels
  • D.H Lawrence followed Hardy's style
  • Poetic syntax and W.H Auden's work
  • Understanding the war through new poetic forms, with Ivor Gurney poetry
  • Virginia Woolf used water imagery in her work
  • In Robert Louis Stevenson's work, there is a mix of fantasy and real things happening.
  • Jack Kerouac wrote about travelling to different places in the world and his time with people he met along the way.
  • Studying Modernism and Postmodernism can help you understand how they're different from each other.
  • John Barth's book Lost in the Funhouse is about how fiction artifices were shown unreal by postmodernist writers like Barth himself.
  • When Postmodern writers tried so hard

History Research Paper Topics

Are you looking for history topics for research paper? Well, your search ends here. Below are some topics for a history research paper that may interest you.

  • What caused the decline of the Mughal dynasty?
  • How did the Roman Empire fall?
  • What were some of the effects Julius Caesar had on Rome?
  • How did Genghis Khan conquer Persia?
  • What were some of the weapons used in Ancient Civilizations?
  • A brief overview of Bridal Ceremonies in Ancient Rome.
  • A study of Social Relationships in Medieval Europe.
  • Is the impact of Apartheid hard to understand?
  • Describe the main causes of the Thirty Years War.
  • History of gender bias in England

US History Research Paper Topics

Here is a list of interesting American history Research paper topics for students:

  • What was the relationship between Native American religion and the environment?
  • What were the impacts of European colonization on Native Americans?
  • What were the key causes of the American Revolution?
  • How did Thomas Paine's Common Sense help promote independence?
  • What main arguments occurred between Federalists and Anti-Federalists before ratification, and what was its outcome after ratification?
  • The Marbury v. Madison case had a large impact on the American judicial system.
  • The cotton gin had a huge impact on the American economy and the use of slaves labour in the South.
  • The Gold Rush had a significant impact on the development of California.
  • Slavery had a big effect on the economy of the South and also had negative consequences for African American families.
  • The Lincoln-Douglas debates were very important and each man's view regarding slavery and governmental power was clarified.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

Here are some interesting psychology research topics:

  • What are some of the causes of depression in young people?
  • What is memory, and what are its different types?
  • Why do we dream?
  • What is the difference between criminal psychology and forensic psychology?
  • What are some ways to prevent child abuse?
  • The link between obesity and watching TV.
  • The psychological reasons for mental stress.
  • The link between mental health and child obesity.
  • Are later mental health issues related to childhood trauma?
  • Divorce – The influence on children

Information Technology Research Paper Topics

  • Instant messaging can affect literacy.
  • There are different reasons why this might be the case.
  • Violent video games may be one of the reasons for juvenile delinquency.
  • Some of the best Spotify and related apps are ones you should try out.
  • Living in a technological world may have long-term effects on people's development
  • The internet and technology have made it possible for people to work from home.
  • How digital learning impacts schools and education
  • How do the internet change globalization and the economy?
  • Can you use information technology to change the world?
  • Should we control and censor social media?

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Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • What are people's opinions on who is to blame for homelessness?
  • How old should people be before they can drink alcohol?
  • What are the reasons for and consequences of having curfews for young adults?
  • Can a family survive on the US minimum wage?
  • How do people use money, and what are some possible negative consequences?
  • Every country in the world should have the death sentence activated.
  • Pros and cons of smoking in public places.
  • Court proceedings should be documented for television.
  • The voting age should be lowered because young people are more interested in politics
  • Is global warming only a natural process?

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Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  • Kids should be allowed to have their own pets.
  • Elaborate on the reasons why junk meals must be banned from schools
  • Analyze the productive ways we can spend our money instead of buying things we don't need that often
  • Parents should be more engaged with children and in their education process
  • Vaccines have more negative effects than positive ones
  • People who have chronic illnesses should go to a mental hospital.
  • We should stop the production and selling of weapons
  • It is important to stay honest in life situations
  • Small businesses can help people's careers
  • Effective time management strategy is important for jobs

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Steps for Selecting a Research Paper Topic

You should write your research paper on a great topic that fits your research question. You can find many research topic ideas online. However, it is a good idea to logically choose a topic that fits your requirements the best.

Don’t want to waste lots of time finding a topic? Follow these easy steps to select a great research paper topic:

  1. 1. Conduct Background Research

    The first step in the process of doing research is to conduct detailed background checks on your topic. This will help you identify what has already been written about that specific subject. This information can then be used as inspiration or guidance when developing new ideas for your paper.

  2. 2. Brainstorm Topic Ideas

    Brainstorming topics is an important part of producing a high-quality research paper. One must narrow down their choice and choose one that interests them most. This will help produce interesting pieces with compelling arguments for readers!

    You can take some guidance from your professor on what kind of topic might work well. But, avoid controversial subjects until you're confident in justifying them yourself.

  3. 3. Gather Relevant Information

    Before you begin your research by selecting a topic, it is important to find relevant information about the topic. For this reason, read different points of view available on the internet. Consult scholarly sources like books or peer-reviewed articles so that all facts are correct and referable.

  4. 4. Employ Keywords

    Keywords are like the building blocks of your essay. It is important to come up with a keyword. You can then use that specific word or phrase in order to create an engaging topic for your readers.

  5. 5. Consider Your Audience

    Keeping your target audience in mind is an important element when selecting high-school or college research paper topics. Moreover, a writer should ensure that the instructor's preferences and requirements are met for a good topic.

    There are many topics that can be used for a research paper. However, not all of them will fit into the hypothesis that you’re researching. Make sure to choose an appropriate and intriguing topic that fits with your thesis statement.

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