Steps to Write a Perfect Synthesis Essay - Complete Guide

synthesis essay

Synthesis essays are a great way to show your creativity and versatility. In this type of essay, you're required not only to combine different elements but also to come up with an original conclusion that leaves readers with a great impression.

A synthesis essay is a type of essay that requires comprehensive research which is then reduced to its main points to fit into the section of an essay. It is advised to collect the data from authentic sources so that there is no ambiguity in the end results.

You need to be careful when putting the information together so that it is written correctly. If you don't do it correctly, your grade might suffer.

This blog post will help people write their own successful syntheses. It will give them some ideas about good topics to choose and how to make strong claims about those topics based on supporting evidence.

So keep on reading!

What is a Synthesis Essay?

According to the synthesis essay definition, a synthesis essay is a type of essay that takes a stance on a particular topic. It gathers information from multiple sources and then combines them to back up the original point of view.

The writer has a viewpoint on an issue and presents evidence to support it. In order to write this type of essay, you need to collect ideas and points that support your essay topic and argument.

Students use sources like articles, essays, reviews, fiction, lectures, interviews, research papers, and observations to find evidence to support their research topic.

How to start a synthesis essay?

There are four main steps to writing an essay:

  • Gathering information from different sources.
  • Presenting your argument or claim.
  • Crafting the essay itself, making sure it is well written and organized.
  • Talking with the text or engaging with it critically.

Types of Synthesis Essay

Here are the two main types of a synthesis essay:

  1. 1. Explanatory Synthesis Essay

    An explanatory synthesis is when you explain a term so that the reader can understand it easily. This type of synthesis helps readers understand a specific topic. It includes careful reading and presentation of the facts and information.

  2. 2. Argumentative Synthesis

    The argumentative synthesis essay focuses on presenting and explaining a specific argument or claim. It does so in a rational, reasoned manner that is both persuasive and compelling.

    An argumentative synthesis paper presents a strong thesis statement that is debatable. To support the claim, the writer adds relevant information, data, and sources to back up the topic and present it in a logical flow.

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What is an AP Lang Synthesis Essay?

An AP Lang class is a college-level class that teaches you how to write well and use language effectively. The purpose of assigning essays in this class is to test your writing skills and see how well you understand what you are writing about.

To write this essay, you need to read and analyze the sources. You should form an argument or claim about the topic. Then, you need to write an essay that is effective and clear.

How to Write AP Lang Synthesis Essay?

An essential part of the AP Lang exam is writing a synthesis essay. In order to do well on this portion of the test, students need to showcase their skills.

Following are the steps to write an Ap Lang synthesis essay:

  • Read the sources closely.
  • Analyze the text thoroughly.
  • Establish a point of view based on it.
  • Conclude the entire essay.
  • Cite your sources using APA or Chicago style.

Ap Lang Synthesis Essay Example (PDF)

Ap Lang Synthesis Essay Example

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Synthesis Essay Outline

Following are the components to create an outline of a synthesis essay:

  • Synthesis Essay Introduction

    To keep your readers engaged, it is important to start your essay with an interesting and engaging opening. This will introduce them to the main topic and thesis statement. You want to explain and elaborate on the main topic so that they understand it before you move on.

    Here you have to add a thesis statement that carries a common theme of the whole essay.

  • Synthesis Essay Body Paragraphs

    In a synthesis essay, you can include as many supporting points as you want. Each paragraph should start with an argument or claim that is supported by specific evidence. The paragraphs should follow your ideas and claims, rather than moving around the source materials.

  • Synthesis Essay Conclusion

    It is important to conclude your essay with a strong, memorable ending. To wrap things up, make sure to summarize what you have said in an engaging way. This will help readers remember everything from the beginning of their reading experience all the way to the end.

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How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

There are a few techniques that you can use to improve your writing in this essay. These techniques will help you avoid making common mistakes.

  • Compile the Data

    To create a strong argument, you need to back it up with evidence. This can be done by compiling data from reliable sources and explaining what it means. This technique doesn't involve your own thoughts or views but instead relies on summarizing the sources.

  • Examples and Visuals

    When you want to make a point, it can be helpful to use examples and visuals. This can make your argument clear and easier to understand. You can also add quotes or examples from other sources, as well as your own original experiences.

    Graphs, charts, and real-life events and photos can all help to illustrate your point effectively.

  • Presenting Two or More Supporting Reasons

    Presenting multiple reasons and evidence is a technique used to strengthen an argument. This approach provides credibility to your position by offering concrete evidence to back up your assertions.

    Additionally, it allows the reader to explore the issue in greater detail. By providing a more comprehensive understanding of the source topic at hand.

  • Straw man Techniques

    The straw man technique is when you put the opposing views or evidence first, and then present the reasons why you do not support that claim. This shows your knowledge of the other side of the story, and it also helps to deny their argument.

  • Concession Techniques

    The concession technique is a way to argue your point of view when you are up against someone who has a valid point.

    You agree that their point is correct, but then you go on to explain why your point of view is still better. This technique can be helpful when talking to people who have opposing views.

  • Comparison and Contrast Techniques

    When you use the comparison and contrast technique, you look at both the similarities and differences between two things at the same time. It's just like comparing and contrasting two things. This can help you understand the topic as a whole, which might not be possible if you only looked at one side of things.

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Synthesis Essay Example

We have provided some great samples of synthesis essays example to help you understand the synthesis essay format.

Synthesis Essay Example (PDF)

Synthesis Essay Example

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Synthesis Essay Topics

Following are the synthesis essay topics to choose from.

  • Virtual entertainment and its impact on the youthful generation
  • How is a dangerous atmospheric deviation influencing mother earth?
  • Why do video games instruct savagery to kids?
  • How did The Second Great War influence Germany?
  • Patriarchy versus matriarchy; what are the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • How has innovation made this world a worldwide village?
  • What impact does classes size have on the understudy's scholarly performance?
  • What are the current social issues that should be highlighted?
  • Ethical thought of testing new medications on animals
  • How does neediness influence a kid's health?

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Synthesis Essay Tips

Following are some tips that will help elevate the value of your essay:

  • You should use your sources to back up your points and view in a reasonable way.
  • You should also present your own thoughts and ideas, and back them up with evidence. The paper should be logically organized so that all the ideas flow together and make sense to the reader.
  • To write a good synthesis essay, make sure all your body paragraphs have topic sentences that state the main points.
  • After you've compiled all your ideas, be sure to present them thoroughly in the paper. Additionally, take care with your word choice and use vocabulary that sounds natural and easy to understand.
  • Finally, be sure to do a careful proofread the paper for grammar and spelling mistakes.

In sum, a synthesis essay is a written argument that uses sources to support your point of view. It requires you to read and analyze multiple texts, then synthesize their ideas into your own argument.

The best way to learn how to write a synthesis essay is by looking at some good examples that are given in this blog. Besides, by following the tips and choosing a good synthesis essay topic you can produce an outstanding essay that effectively communicates your position on a topic.

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Can you use ‘I’ in a synthesis essay?

No, try to avoid using first or second-person pronouns. The writer's role in the paper doesn't matter at all in most cases.

How many paragraphs is a synthesis essay?

Synthesis essay also follows a 5 paragraph structure like other essays.