Is There Any Legit Essay Writing Service Online?

is there any legit essay writing service online?

Yes, there are legit writing services that offer quality and affordable essay help to everyone. is one such service that works with qualified professionals and provides customized essays at reasonable rates.

However, unfortunately, these safe online writing services are in the minority among the many that are irresponsible and do not have dedicated writers either. All they do is waste your time and money and risk your precious grades.

Recently, writing services have become a popular option for students. But, there are many that provide poor quality and unprofessional work. This does not mean that there are no trustworthy services available.

There are many, but all you have to do is to research and look harder. However, you should not use a paper writing service for free or for free of cost. This is because such services are usually amateurs and all they do is scam the students.

These companies should be trusted because they care about the grades of their customers as much as their own reputation, which is why we work with professional writers only and ensure student success at all times!

How to Identify a Legit Essay Writing Service?

Here are some key characteristics of a legit and top essay writing service.

  • Professional and Subject-Expert Writers - They work with native English speakers and expert essay writers only. They aim to provide quality work, and they know that only an expert writer can do it. Rather than having a bidding system, they assign the papers as per the writers’ skill and field.
  • Responsive and 24/7 Customer Support Team- A responsive customer service is important for the writing service, and they make sure that their team works 24/7 to help all students. If you have ever purchased a paper from a good writing company before, then this should be no surprise for you.
  • 80% Positive Essay Writing Service Reviews - Essay writing companies having positive service reviews are trusted ones, and working with them will never disappoint you. Therefore, it is important to check what other students say about them before you move forward.
  • No Missed Deadlines - Professional writers don’t mess around when it comes to submitting their work and papers on time. That is why they ensure that everything is delivered on time so that you do not miss out on an A-worthy submission opportunity!
  • High-quality Work Samples - It is best to avoid companies that offer no academic paper samples on their website. If a company does not have any published work examples or high-quality papers, it means they are likely untrustworthy and should be avoided at all costs.

Moreover, they offer free revisions and have an affordable pricing plan, and, usually, the prices start at $15 per page.

Is it Illegal to Use an Essay Writing Service?

No, if you are using or working with a legitimate and trustworthy writing service, then it is not illegal to work with it.

When does working with an essay writing service become illegal? When the company or the service provider uses unethical means to complete your work, then working with it is against the law.

Usually, they give plagiarized work, which is illegal and lands the students in dire trouble.

On the other hand, working with a reliable and professional writing service is helpful for you. They help you get done with your homework, provide high-quality essays, and help you get better at your studies.

Moreover, you can actually pay them to write your essay for cheap but without comprimsiing on the quality.

Is Paying Someone to Write an Essay Illegal?

Just like the academic writing services, if you choose to work with a professional essay writer, then it is absolutely safe to pay him to write your essay.

Amateur writers are usually irresponsible, and they lack the ability to write high-quality and original essays and papers. Working with such a writer is a sure recipe for disaster.

But, working with an ethical and professionally trained writer is a different case. Such writers know what they are doing, and they do their best to help you in every possible way. It is 100% worth it to hire an essay writer who is an expert and has a genuine desire to help you.

Where Can I Pay Someone to Write My Essay?

You can hire an expert writer and pay them at and get your paper or essay done within the set deadline.

Students who choose to work with our essay writing service get a dedicated writer who is a professional and an expert in his field. He makes sure that the student gets quality work and on the set deadline.

So, the answer to your question, “Are essay writing services legit?” is Yes! is a cheap reliable essay writing service. We offer legit essay writing services at affordable rates.

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