The Honor Code

At, we strive to maintain a high standard of academic integrity and workmanship by communicating these values through our Honor Code which all employees are required to follow; any less will not be tolerated.

The Honor Code of

We at are committed to maintaining academic integrity and honest grades, which is why our platform supports these practices unwaveringly.

The Personification of Expert Writers at is not Allowed

At, we work hard to create a positive experience for all of our customers. We never tolerate cheating or plagiarism, and those who engage in this behavior will be instantly dismissed from the team.

We Never Support or Tolerate


Cheating refers to unauthorized help from an external source that is not allowed by your teacher or institution.


We don't want anyone taking the work of other people and submitting it as their own, so we absolutely prohibit plagiarism.


Impersonating someone or stealing their identity can be malicious when the person pretends to be someone else and uses information belonging only to them.


We never support anything that is dishonest or illegal. Our company has a rich history of integrity, and we will remove any writer found doing something wrong from our team immediately!

A Reminder for Students

The demands of college life can be tough to manage, and it's even more challenging when you're juggling studying and maintaining an honor code. But we think that would make things worse if one were sacrificed for another - you might jeopardize your academic career!

  • is a platform for students to get help with their assignments in any subject, but it does not allow them to cheat on schoolwork and academic policies set by the student's own educational institution.
  • You are not allowed to share the academic material that you receive from with anyone else as your own. Doing so would be cheating, and it is plagiarism, which we don't tolerate.

A Reminder for Businesses

Breaking company policies is never a good idea - there may be serious consequences for your actions, such as termination or legal action. The severity of the breach will determine how severe these penalties will be.

  • is a great resource for businesses who need writing services, but it should not be used by business representatives or anyone else for illegal activities, including fraud and cheating.
  • If an employee is caught selling or buying a paper from another company, they will be fired and blacklisted from any future work with this platform.

A Reminder for Teachers & Schools

You're a teacher, we know that your job is hard, and we aim to help you. We appreciate all of your efforts in maintaining academic integrity for students, even when using digital platforms.

Your help in keeping our platform honest is appreciated. If you see or hear about any dishonest behavior, please report it so we can immediately act against them!

A Reminder for the Writing Experts

We offer great opportunities for people looking to establish themselves as professional writers. will connect you with clients in need of your skills, and it's important that we all work together according to these guidelines.

  • To be a successful writer, it's important to follow the rules. This includes following academic honesty policies and doing what the company requires from you as per the terms-of-service agreement.
  • We don't want our writers to engage in cheating or fraud because these are both serious issues with serious consequences.

List of Restricted Task Requests at

Here are some activities that might get your account suspended on our platform. This list may vary depending upon what you agree to when signing up, but we advise you to be careful otherwise.

Clients of

Your account may be banned from using all services on this site if you break any of our rules or violate the Honor Code. The following activities can be troublesome:

  • Falsification or fabrication of financial reports.
  • Creation of CVs or resumes with fake or false job experience.
  • Writing any kind of official documents.
  • Passing yourself off as someone else or using someone else's identity for any purpose.
  • Pretending that someone else's work is your own.
  • Ghostwriting of research work, including dissertations, theses, and term papers.
  • Fabricating or falsifying data, information, citations, or any other academic material is a policy violation.

Did You Come Across any Violation of the Honor Code?

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about this situation, please let us know immediately so that we can take the appropriate steps to resolve it.

Report Honor Code Violation

We care about our customers and want to make sure that they are getting the best service possible. If you see anything wrong, please let us know so we can take action immediately and fix it!